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Masterful Modules Meticulously Managed by Us!

Us here at Pick Pack Direct love many things, one example would be alliteration, another one is customisability.

We noticed how rigid some warehouse management systems are and we were confused, every business has something unique about them, that’s why their businesses took off in the first place! Forcing a company to follow specific rules in order to grant them access to a warehouse management system seemed antiquated.

It didn’t make sense to try and fit a circle into a square so we came up with a solution.

With our module system we can make sure a business has the exact kind of software they need to run as effectively as possible. This is an addition we take pride in, it’s something we can do because our warehouse management system is custom built from the ground up by us, for you. With our know-how we can easily strap on a new section and the rest of the software will work dynamically with it.

You give us ideas, we make them reality.

These modules are based off your own creative vision, we’ve built anything from a print management system for a printing company, to a custom feed that links to multiple different databases as a way to get them to all work in tandem with each other. Unlike other warehouse management systems we don’t put artificial limits on a business, we want to see your company flourish in hitting its day-to-day KPI’s and relish in achieving long term goals.

What we are trying to say is that these custom modules can be anything you want them to be, we challenge you to try and find something we can’t implement.

If you think we can help you then come chat with us on the details provided below:

Email – enq@pickpackdirect.com

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