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Multiple Warehouses? One Solution

Multiple Warehouses? One Solution

Do you have so much stock that you need multiple warehouses to accommodate it? Or is it simply easier for you to have stock in multiple locations? Whatever the reason, Pick Pack Direct is here to help! Our all in one warehouse management system has a wide variety of features however, today I’m going to

Masterful Modules Meticulously Managed by Us!

Us here at Pick Pack Direct love many things, one example would be alliteration, another one is customisability. We noticed how rigid some warehouse management systems are and we were confused, every business has something unique about them, that’s why their businesses took off in the first place! Forcing a company to follow specific rules

Save The World (and Your Staff) with Paperless Warehousing

Global warming became a big talking point this year, with many businesses in many sectors being ridiculed for not doing enough to help the environment. Well, PPd wants to help with this; we created a unique tagging system that allows for warehouses to be done with paper and printing in almost every regard while benefiting

Cuttable products… How PPd is the option for you.

The product cutting feature of Pick Pack Direct suits businesses that for example, order a full reel of plastic tubing and need to sell this by the meter. The system allows you to only sell what you have full lengths of.To expand on this further, let’s say you have two lengths of cut cable. One