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Multiple Warehouses? One Solution

Do you have so much stock that you need multiple warehouses to accommodate it? Or is it simply easier for you to have stock in multiple locations? Whatever the reason, Pick Pack Direct is here to help!

Our all in one warehouse management system has a wide variety of features however, today I’m going to focus on a specific one:

Our Multi-Warehousing Abilities.

We call them abilities as it truly feels like a super power, our software can set up different warehouses in different locations, self create locations within those warehouses and print racking location labels within our software. If that isn’t enough for you I can keep going.

More abilities include:

Overriding the picking flows through changing the temperature of a location, allowing you to pick your own hot zones so fast moving product is fulfilled from that area first.

Users are able to select what warehouse they are picking from within the universal handheld app we created in tandem with our software. Ensuring pickers only get shown picks for the warehouse they’re in.

All of these abilities working together lets you to work at a much higher level of efficiency and speed, allowing you to smash through KPI’s and even change aspects of your warehouse. Mixing the product locations is something our software can handle and works in tandem with our multi-warehousing abilities.

This is only one feature of our miraculous software, if you would like to hear about more you can check out our brochure on our website or use the details provided below and we will answer any queries you may have.