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Save The World (and Your Staff) with Paperless Warehousing

Global warming became a big talking point this year, with many businesses in many sectors being ridiculed for not doing enough to help the environment. Well, PPd wants to help with this; we created a unique tagging system that allows for warehouses to be done with paper and printing in almost every regard while benefiting workers and increasing efficiency!

Sounds too good to be true? I assure you it isn’t.

Why Traditional Paper Methods Need to Go:

Running a warehouses stock with paper at this point is an exercise in how to make a loss on efficiency. Human error is increased exponentially through no real fault of their own, having a huge list filled with strings of letters and numbers that relate to a multitude of products and expecting someone to be right even 80% of the time is a stretch.

Another issue revolves around the paper itself, the warehouse is filled with a lot of durable equipment built to withstand the often rugged life of the warehouse floor. Paper is not one of those pieces of equipment. It is fragile and can get lost very easily, especially during peak hours of the day.

Having anything happen to this paper has huge knock on effects for counting inventory, stock levels and even profit if these issues are repeated. With the constant hustle and bustle of a warehouse this can be devastating. Luckily for you, we have an answer.

How Our Unique Tag System is Here to Help:

Instead of paper, PPd uses Tags:

These are plastic based cards with a barcode attached, each barcode (when scanned by a handheld device) has an order linked to it. We adapted this idea from personal ID cards back in 2007 and found it to be a great success for our customers warehousing solutions software.

Lets give you an example of how these work:

An order for 17 water bottles comes through to the warehouse floor, whereas a typical paper list would be given to the picker, instead one of our Tags is provided that – when scanned by the handheld the picker would have – the order would appear. The picker is shown where the water bottles are within the warehouse as the location of the product is also shown via the handheld, the picker picks the water bottles and places them along with the Tag into dispatch and letting the handheld know the order is ready to be dispatched. A packer would get to this big box of water bottles and spot the brightly coloured Tag accompanying the product left by the picker, he/she would then scan the Tag, providing them with all the information required to pack up the delivery to be sent off to the customer.

Through the removal of paper and introducing handhelds and Tags, we are able to improve efficiency within the warehouse to an almost faultless system. Your workers would also benefit from our Tag system, allowing for an easier method of picking products and fulfilling orders grants them the ability to work quicker without needing to pause to check if they’re in the right place etc.

Want to Find Out More?

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