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Complete Product Management Software
Complete Product Management Software


Pick Pack Direct provide leading third party 3PL logistic warehouse management software through a full SaaS (Software as a Service) solution built to be primarily web based with handheld walk around integration, using our unique paperless warehouse system.


Complete Product Management Software
How we started...
Pick Pack Direct, otherwise know as PPd for short was created as a project by Wizzin, an established software consultancy firm based within the UK who specialised in creating databases and MIS (Management Interface Systems) for companies across many industries. It became apparent that the one thing most businesses are revolved around is stock. Whether it be a traditional warehouse, service industry or the more now more common third party logistics (3PL) and drop shipping environments… The need to manage stock through workflows is generic and hense the creation of Pick Pack Direct PPd. Based in South Wales, we cover the entire UK and overseas to help provide and intergrade a full SaaS (Software as a Service) solution that will help business owners gain control over their organisation. Some of the main features of PPd are the ability to create and manage purchase orders with full costings, book in stock, stock management within multiple warehouses extending to virtual warehousing, collection of orders through middleware platforms and common sources and then the despatch and returns through integrated couriers. We pride ourself on being apart of the whole integration of Pick Pack Direct into your business and we also offer the ability to build modules into PPd to help cover unique areas your organisation might have.
"building strong foundations to support business in the long run"
Sam Cornish, Development Manager


Perishable Stock Management
Report and despatch by perishable dates
Multi-Warehousing Capabilities
Stock, pick and dispatch from multiple warehouses through one system
Accurate Stock Costings
We store costs per item to give more accurate purchase costings
Paperless Warehousing
Through use of our web based software and handhelds
Virtual Warehousing
Designed with 3PL in mind, Pick Pack Direct can show clients their virtual stock in your warehouse
Scaleable System
Single user licenses to unlimited, we can scale with you
Multiple Stock Owners
Stock the same products for multiple stock owners.
Returns Management
Manage returned product through PPd


Cuttable products… How PPd is the option for you.
Cuttable products… How PPd is the option for you.
  • By Samuel Cornish
  • 11 Mar 2019
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The product cutting feature of Pick Pack Direct suits businesses that for example, order a full reel of plastic tubing and need to sell this by the meter. The system allows you to only sell what you ...

Pick Pack Direct breaks away from Wizzin Ltd…
Pick Pack Direct breaks away from Wizzin Ltd…
  • By Samuel Cornish
  • 11 Feb 2019
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metaphor for the blog post of a sprint race Wizzin Ltd an established IT & Database development consultancy breaks out Pick Pack Direct, otherwise known as PPd into its own entity. After th...