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PPd Software Features



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Base licenses 1 8
Monthly orders Unlimited Unlimited
API Integrations  
Custom Module Builds   POA


Mixed product locations
Multiple stock ownership
Multiple EANs per SKU
Live stock checking
Perihable stock management
Live perishable stock checking
Create new warehouse locations and barcodes
Configure warehouse location attributes
Multiple warehouses with live inventory  
Non sellable locations management
Live warehouse optimisation
Query locations and stock
Quick booking in on handheld
Detailed product booking in for batch and perishable items
Instant product creation

 Picking & Despatch

Create and book shipments with couriers  

Handheld picking strategies (priority, KPI, group, courier, zone, flow)

Order bounce to supervisor
Auto print without PDF pop ups Extra
Packing slips
Paperless picking
Serial number capture
Multiple orders per picking route
Branded auto despatch invoices emails
End of day manifest  
Reproduce labels


Manual order creation
XML sales feeds  
API sales feeds  
Linnworks intergation  
Volo intergration  
Magento intergration  
Shopify intergration  
Returns management  ✓
Sales filters
Pre-test shipping labels  
Tracking numbers against orders  
Produce quotes
Rule based courier selection  

 Stock Management

Pre-advise purchase ordering
Purchase order creation and management
Purchase order matchup reporting
Batch management
Stock campaigns
Line based stock costing
Split stock channel selection  


Export to sage  
Export to quickbooks  
Export to CSV
Invoice batching
Customer invoices


Supplier management
Customer management
Address book
Task Management

 Service Industry

Resource planner   POA
Wages   POA
Asset tracking   POA
Job sheets   POA
Hire tracking   POA


Advanced reporting  
Custom report building   POA
Configure user roles and permissions
User activity reporting